We work hard to be dependable caretakers of our investors' wealth and trust, building long-term relationships that lead to success.

Personal Relationships

Flywheel Capital's business fundamentally relies on building strong relationships with investors and community stakeholders.

We ask our investors to share what's driving their investment goals so we can work collaboratively to achieve long-term success together. This means really building solid relationships over months and years at a time.

Creative Integrity

Flywheel Capital prides itself on finding "diamonds in the rough"—properties or land that are underutilized and underinvested, but can become truly exceptional.

It is through this creative lens that we are able to find opportunities that other investors pass over, and generate unique deals for our investors.

Combined with our creativity, Flywheel Capital ensures that all deals are conducted with integrity, so that we can always look back on our work with pride.

Our Commitment to Denver and Colorado

We strive to have a positive social impact everywhere we operate.

Where other real estate developers create templated buildings and neighborhoods, Flywheel Capital works to craft unique buildings and sites that authentically belong in the community. We regularly work with city government officials, community representatives, and non-profit organizations throughout the development cycle.

Flywheel Capital is committed to positively impacting the economic health of Colorado through all its projects.

Bluebird Theater
Denver's Capitol building
Colorado mountains

Flywheel Capital's Core Values

We hold these values sacred, and they impact our business in large and small ways, each and every day.


We are passionate in our work and will continuously innovate and improve.


We uphold and demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles in every aspect of our work.

Positive Work Culture

We cultivate a fun, dynamic and rewarding environment where people want to work.

Good Neighbor

We are good neighbors in the communities in which we live and work.


We use the long-term view to create value for both our clients and the Colorado community.

Investor Login

As part of Flywheel Capital's dedication to service, we provide investors with real-time access to transaction documents, offerings and other crucial data.  Current Flywheel Capital investors can login here, or contact us for assistance.